Ballerina Pose Study

Ephesians 2:10 NLT – For you are God’s masterpiece.

One of my favorite scriptures because it rings true on so many levels. Though I’m not a dancer myself, I’m in love with the whole art form because when you stop and take a look, the human body truly is an intricately-crafted masterpiece. Using this appreciation, I decided to try my hand at a series of pose study sculptures to see if I could capture its beauty myself.

It was a difficult choice, but ultimately I decided on three reference images I liked the best and tried to recreate them in 3D space. The main goal for these sculptures is to really show those muscles hard at work.

Pose 1:


Pose 2:


Pose 3:


Tasks Included:

  • Model base mesh
  • Sculpt from reference

Software Used:

  • Maya LT
  • Blender