Elementary School Mural

I had the privilege of designing a mural for Carpenter Elementary in my hometown of Houston, TX. As of now, the design is currently in the process of being reviewed, finalized and set to be printed on large vinyl to be placed on the wall of the computer lab. Updates will be posted as they come.

Design 1
Design 2

Design Breakdown:

Because this is a mural created to be in a computer lab, the thought of computers and machinery just couldn’t be ignored. While the capital C showcases the technological influence, the pictures within the letters are meant to tell a visual story of concept (the light bulbs), final result (seeing outer space) and everything in between (all that goes into building the rocket simplified down to fields of study). The intention here is to inspire the students, showcasing how all great things begin with just an idea.

Tasks Included:

  • Brainstorm sketches on sketchpad
  • Create designs on computer
  • Implement necessary feedback
  • Adjust dimensions and resolution as needed

Software Used:

  • Adobe Photoshop