These are just some small-scale personal projects I’ve completed in the past that showcase my skills. One of the things I like to do is revisit my favorite past class assignments from UTD with a new arsenal of knowledge and improve them however I can, and that’s exactly what I did with most of these. Others are just a result of my overactive imagination.

Arrow Platformer Mechanic Prototype

  • Created with Unity and C#/Visual Studio. It is a whiteboxed 3D mechanic prototype with third-person controls. For movement, character can W/Move Forward, Mouse Cursor/Turn, Shift/Sprint while moving and Space/Jump. Primary mechanic is Left Click/Shoot Arrow. Secondary mechanic is the player can temporarily run up any blue walled surface by approaching it. Visual assets + animations + sounds are from Mixamo and All scripts are written by me.
  • Code repository here.

Ballerina Sculpture

  • 3D model and sculpt of a ballerina, modeled in Maya and sculpted in Blender.

Concepts for Graphic Novel

  • Original concept illustrations created for upcoming graphic novel, created with Adobe Photoshop.