The Kingswill

This is my senior Capstone Project titled “The Kingswill”. It is a vegas-esque underground dinner and show where people can visit, have some drinks and enjoy the jaw-dropping performances. While this particular project is not a complete game prototype, it is a fully developed 3D environment based off an original game and story concept.

Final Renders:



These are some rough concepts I drew up to get a feel of how I wanted the environment to flow and the colors I wanted. As you can see, quite a lot has changed from concept to final.

There are two main drivers for the aesthetic choices:

1). In the story, the facility is located underground so I felt it should really own the fact that it’s underground. This is what you see with the crystals, rocks and fountains making up most of the structures. However, I added some bright wood paneling and furniture to add some contrast all that dark grey rock.

2). Because I am a woman of God, I really wanted to have God in as much of the environment as possible, as I do with all my work. Sapphire has significant biblical symbolism behind it so I wanted to use that as my gem of choice. This is why blue has such a strong presence throughout the scene.


Some 3D models that make up the environment. When these were combined together and placed in Unity, the new perspective (along with outside feedback) created new ideas that I didn’t have in the concept phase. For example, when experimenting with materials and textures I found that a black stage looked a tad more realistic than a white one. I also ended up 86ing the large pillars and the chandeliers you see in the architectural concept above because in the end they just didn’t seem necessary (technically, the chandelier asset was repurposed to hang off the tree piece’s roots). Some more changes include nixing one of the staircases to break up the symmetry, hollowing out the ground floor pieces to see more of the cave, rearranging the balcony elements to create a more interesting composition, etc.

Most of all, viewing the environment in 3D space I realized I could make the ceiling more interesting than just the flat white piece you see in the architectural concept. When I was brainstorming, I thought about having the domed rock structure with a giant sapphire gem hanging from it as a focal point, but then I thought that sapphire is in almost every aspect of the environment. So, what else could I do? Something that would draw the player’s eye and at the same time REALLY sell the underground look/feel. Thus, the tree piece was born.


Major textures that appear throughout the environment. The most common maps I used were albedo, bump/normal and specular. Thankfully Unity has a very flexible material system, so I found myself playing with tilings, differing smoothness levels, adding emissions, and so forth for each texture and material. I even have several materials with the same albedo map and just differing in the base color (i.e. the wood and the crystal, which is how I made the sapphire), smoothness levels, etc. I just like having variety.

Tasks Included:

  • Create concept sketches for environment and objects to create a guide for overall aesthetics
  • Form asset list from concepts
  • Model, uv, texture each asset
  • Assemble environment piece by piece
  • Light scene

Software Used:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Unity (Universal Rendering Pipeline + Commercial Volumetric Lighting asset)